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"Photoszene" - Cologne Vies for “Photo Capital of Europe”

Cologne Vies for #photography capital of Europe @Photoszene @The_PBM #arts

The fact that photography is a very exciting and active member of the art scene in Cologne has in part to do with photokina, the biennial worldwide photo trade show. The exhibit halls are filled with numerous exhibitions sponsored by magazines, NGOs and individual galleries, as well as the huge Leica Gallery, reported on in my last post. But even though the trade show draws much of the attention…

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The “Art” in “Make-up Artist” - One Woman 100 Faces

The “Art” in “Make-up Artist” - One Woman 100 Faces #photography #arts

Between make-up artist Francesca Tolot and her photographer husband Alberto, the two have created some of the most iconic images of Madonna, Beyoncé, Elizabeth Taylor, Halle Berry, Catherine Zeta Jones, Aneglina Jolie, Julie Roberts, Jennifer Lopez and a host of other legends over the last three decades. If you’ve picked up a fashion magazine in that time, you know their work. But the couple was…

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15 Ways to Promote Your Business On Instagram

15 Ways to Promote Your Business On Instagram

Creating an Instagram profile for your business or company is great for marketing, but it’s certainly not used the same way as your personal account. Here are 15 ways to promote your business on Instagram.

15 Ways to Promote Your Business On Instagram


1. Keep your user name simple and to the point

If your company is named Apples and Orangesthan that…

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We have all had one at some point, a silent best friend who was always by your side, to hug, to hold, to comfort, and to love. Sizes and shapes may have varied however you always remember your first child hood stuffed toy. From the curated photography of Mark Nixon takes a closer look of some long lost friends in his published book Much Loved.

Whether that stuffed animal is a distant but…

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Lighting Tips: Strobe on, strobe off!

Lighting Tips: Strobe on, strobe off!

I was recently asked to demonstrate the difference between strobe on camera and strobe off camera. The examples below show how changing the position of the strobe, on and off camera, changes the lighting effect. I also factored in the available light which also affects both exposure and color.

I started my exposure by reading the background and underexposing it by 1 stop.  The strobe was placed…

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Will Smartphones Replace Digital Cameras?

Will Smartphones Replace Digital Cameras?

By Lila Ortiz

A study conducted by Suite48Analytics, a research company with a focus on mobile photography, found that smartphone owners more often use their phones than a digital camera to capture memories. More specifically, 58 percent of these consumers reach for their smartphone over their digital camera, while 33 percent regularly take photographs with both their smartphone and camera. This…

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Homage to the Image - The Leica Gallery at Photokina 2014

The Leica Gallery @photokina 2014 is breathtaking. #photography #arts #photokina2014

One of the hallmarks and most anticipated aspects of the photokina show are the picture exhibits. The halls are filled with booths and mini galleries from various photo organizations and schools, and each has a distinct point of view, with quality ranging from the startling to the moving to the quirky. The grandest of these is the Leica Gallery, which fills a huge space in Hall 1, almost 300o…

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Exclusive - Morpholio EyeTime 2014 Contest Is Live!

@Morpholio #EyeTime2014 #photography competition Is Live! Student and emerging photograpehrs submit now.

Resource Magazine is excited to announce the launch of one of the most exciting annual photography competitions for student and emerging photographers in the world. EyeTime 2014, brought to you by the incredible team at the Morpholio Project is now in its 3rd year and, while this announcement is coming to you first from Resource,later today the news will be plastered across some of the most…

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The Morpholio Project: 7 New Tools for the Creative World from The Morpholio Project on Vimeo.

Morpholio began as a research project by architects who simply wanted amazing tools for their devices. The group wondered, what would happen if the focus of software development shifted away from production alone and towards the need to cultivate and assess ideas. Designers have tools that allow them to generate millions of options, but few that help to select the right ones. “Aside from making design production easier, we wanted to know if better tools could make it smarter by integrating the wisdom of crowds and capitalizing on the power of the touchscreen to capture feedback,” says Anna Kenoff, Morpholio Co-Creator.

Video presents Seven Tools to Advance the Way You Work and Think:

Video Producer Xiao Qin
Music Producer Woody Pak
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