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EDU: Photography Student Cheat Sheet- The Golden Ratio

EDU: Photography Student Cheat Sheet- The Golden Ratio

When I first set out to write this cheat sheet, I imagined it being a quick-reference guide; something you might want to print out and always keep on hand. I started with a list of important concepts, but that was too basic—it read more like an introduction to photography. I scrapped that and made it more technical, but that wasn’t much more than a series of charts. Basically, there was little I…

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Ricoh Imaging Unveils Mid-Level PENTAX K-S1 DSLR

Ricoh Imaging Unveils Mid-Level PENTAX K-S1 DSLR

Ricoh Imaging has just unveiled their newest DSLR camera, which they hope will attract mid-level buyers to the PENTAX brand. Basically, the company has built this brand new camera, the K-S1, off of proven imaging technology like the K-3 advanced DSLR, as well as, “the distinct design cues and a flat field user interface.” As a result, the K-S1 truly appeals “to the next generation PENTAX owner…

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Photographing The Interaction Of Individuals And Environments

Photographing The Interaction Of Individuals And Environments

This post is part of our cooperation with EyeEm, a global community where photographers can shoot, share and discover beautiful images. We’ll regularly feature some of the most outstanding mobile photographers from EyeEm here.

Erin Hoffstetteris a brilliant photographer and a finalist for The 2014 EyeEm Awards. We had the opportunity to talk to her about photography, her subjects and how…

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Can A Photographer Truly Capture Love?

Can A Photographer Truly Capture Love?

As the title may suggest, this story is not a philosophical endeavor about photography. Instead, Resource thought it important to highlight the work of The Ones We Love. Aimed to provide “an intimate platform for photographers from around the world to portray the people they love, cherish and find inspiration within,” the site was created and is curated by Lindley Warren. 

The-Ones-We-Love, Photography, Jessica Barthel © Jessica Barthel


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Big Fish Expeditions - Swimming with Sharks

Big Fish Expeditions – Swimming with Sharks

Have you ever watched Shark Week and thought, ‘Damn. I’d love to swim with some of those awesome, deadly creatures.’ If you’re anything like me then you probably never have, but if you’re anything like photographer Andy Murch it has most likely been a recurring thought; and you just may now finally have your chance. 

Big-Fish-Expeditions, Andy-Murch, Swimming-with-sharks, shark-week, photography, sharks, diving, underwater-photography Photo © Andy Murch  

Murch currently runs Big Fish Expeditions, offering…

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Make Your Own Camera Strap In 5 Easy Steps

Make Your Own Camera Strap In 5 Easy Steps

Since there’s so many options when buying a camera strap, why not stand out with a custom design! Here are five easy steps for making your own, brought to you by our friends at

SUPPLIES: A scarf (be innovative; you can use a scarf, tie or old shirt), two split rings, two chain closures, scissors, a needle, thread (a sewing machine works too!) and a scrap of leather.



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A river runs through it. #vscocam

Tricks For Getting Great Photos Of Your Kids

Tricks For Getting Great Photos Of Your Kids

Do you struggle to get that perfect photo of your kid? Don’t worry, you’re not alone—but that’s not to say it isn’t important. After all, a photograph preserves memories and childhood doesn’t last forever. Here are some tricks for getting great photos of your kids.

Children, Photography, Tricks, childrens-photography, inspirationPhoto © marek.krzystkiewicz via Flickr Creative Commons 1. Shoot in continuous mode

This feature, which is standard on most DSLR…

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LOCAL NY: 15 Great Catering Companies For Your Shoot

LOCAL NY: 15 Great Catering Companies For Your Shoot

When putting together a shoot, a photographer has so much to worry about things such as lighting, costume and camera settings, while sometimes you can forget about one of the most vital needs: food. Here’s a list of 15 great New York catering companies to keep your crew happy and your belly full, in no particular order.

15. Fig and Pig Catering-Companies, photography, arts, New-York, food, New-York-Catering, local-cuisine, brooklyn, manhattanPhoto © Fig + Pig Catering Company

The Fig + Pig Catering…

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EDU: Awesome College Campus Backdrops

EDU: Awesome College Campus Backdrops

There’s a reason why some colleges charge an upwards of 48 thousand dollars a year and it’s not always just about the education—it’s to keep the campus beautiful and eye-catching. Here some awesome college campus backdrops to fill out the frames of your photographs.

1) Stadium or Sports Complex

Texas, TExas-Memorial-Stadium, Sports-Complex, CollegePhoto via Flickr Creative Commons © Wally Gobetz

Who ever said size matters? Whether it’s big or…

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