On the Road with Luke Ballard: Photography Workshops (part 11)

On the Road with Luke Ballard: Photography Workshops (part 11)

I think I’ve fallen in love with Texas. That isn’t easy to admit, as my most recent time as a resident in America has been in New York and up north, we have a tendency to mock Texas’ right to secede, 4 out of 5 people carrying guns and Senator Ted Cruz. For me however, Texas turned out to be a lot like Australia, albeit with 4 out of 5 people carrying guns – but the similarities have been…

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“BEST DSLR-EXPERT” Goes to Pentax K-3 at the 2014 TIPA Photo and Imaging Awards

“BEST DSLR-EXPERT” Goes to Pentax K-3 at the 2014 TIPA Photo and Imaging Awards

Ricoh Imaging Company Ltd. proudly announced that the flagship of their Pentax K series of digital SLR Pentax K-3 has been awarded “BEST DSLR-EXPERT” by the highly prestigious TIPA (Technical Image Press Association). The awarding was the result of its outstanding operability, excellent reliability rating and exceptional image quality.

Pentax K-3

© Ricoh

“Developed by Ricoh Imaging as the flagship of the…

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12 Great Biking Images

12 Great Biking Images from @offsetimagest to celebrate Spring and our new biking issue

The latest issue of Resourceis fixated on Biking- pun intended. So for all of you biking enthusiasts, GoPro huggers, or just simple commuters, take a look at some great biking photographers, biking gear and… well…. biking everything in the latest issue. For each issue, I like to take a look at what the team at Offset puts together in the area of our quarterly themed section. So, to celebrate our…

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How Cameras are Influencing the World of Law Enforcement

How Cameras are Influencing the World of Law Enforcement

In our age of advanced technology, it seems like cameras are everywhere. Law enforcement is using these advancements in technology to help collect evidence for cases and keep citizens and officers honest in claims of police brutality.

Cell Phone Cameras

As more cell phones come equipped with cameras, more citizens are using them to record instances where they perceive excessive force.…

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Profoto Webinar with Jared Platt

How to get beautiful light in harsh conditions. Today at 1pm EST @profotousa @jaredplatt

With the purpose of improving the quality of its monthly webinars, the Profoto team welcomes legendary photographer Jared Platt as their new host starting April 23, 2014. Once a month, Platt will present difficult lighting challenges and simple yet powerful lighting solution.

For several years now, Profoto has supported the photographic community through their free Profoto webinars. Due to their…

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Impossible Instant Lab, Instant Ideas.

Instant Ideas, Instant Creativity with the Instant Lab from @Impossible_HQ @ImpossibleUSA

The Impossible Instant Lab was designed to bridge the gap between digital and analog instant photography. Now, via your iPhone, you are able to transform digital images into unique instant photographs, creating memories to share, show or simply treasure.

As with an instant camera, the image is exposed ‘naturally’. With the Impossible Instant Lab, simply select an image on your phone, place the…

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test 10 Most underrated camera features

test 10 Most underrated camera features

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s…

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Jim Garner’s photo bag

Jim Garner’s photo bag

Celebrated wedding photographer Jim Garner opens his photo bag and tells us what he brings to the job.

Jim-Garner, wedding-photographer

© Jim Garner

BAG: I exclusively use the BX2 pro shooting bag, which is part of Brenthaven’s newest camera bag line. The design was taken from our BODA line and has now been updated to better serve the active photographer. The design is all about speed and comfort. Designed to rest at your hip…

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The Logger’s Lunchbox—The All-in-One Power and Audio Solution for DSLR Videographer

The Logger’s Lunchbox—The All-in-One Power and Audio Solution for DSLR Videographer

The Logger’s Lunchbox redefines the DSLR video platform and is currently on Kickstarter to raise funds. It’s an innovative design that changes the DSLR workflow into ENG-style video production.


©Edward Calvey and Hannah Radcliff

Stemming from their own frustration with the DSLR workflow shortcomings, the Lunchbox is Edward Calvey and Hannah Radcliff’s answer. This all-in-one power and audio…

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On the Road with Luke Ballard: Photography Workshops (part 10)

On the Road with Luke Ballard: Photography Workshops (part 10)

Howdy Y’All – this entry comes from Dallas in the Lone Star State. While Dallas is not an official Photographing America stop, we’ve just finished with our photography workshops in Houston and decided to detour to visit friends on the way to San Antonio. Houston, we did not have a problem. Well, nothing major.

Texas was a good opportunity for us to get a few things in order (April 15th is tax…

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